3 Deals…All using these tools!

Hello there! 

Haven’t spoke with you in awhile. Last time we spoke I was struggling big time with a bunch of personal and financial issues including a couple of surgeries. We were talking about the coaching program and I couldn’t afford it. 

Happy to report. Since then… closed my first deal in May. $10,000.00 assignment. Just closed last Friday on my 2nd deal  $12,000.00 assignment cashed! Bought another and sold it the day after for a $15,000.00 assignment. Closing on that one in Dec. Probate. All using these tools! 

Maybe someday I can tell you about my first deal. Had NO MONEY even for the deposits. A lot of people would of walked away. Broke through every road block even sellers attorney telling me no way she would do this deal with me! My attorney was amazed how I did it. Quite a story. Lot of lessons learned. Love this business!  I’m very TENACIOUS! 

Sorry to ramble. Just wanted to tell you! Pretty Exciting stuff! I’m signing up for this event! Thank you you all so much!

– Christopher H.

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