Biggest Pay Day of Career!

We want to start out by thanking Cameron Dunlap and his team for making possible the biggest pay day of our real estate career- $45,000 profit in a single transaction!

We began investing in real estate by using our own limited resources to acquire foreclosed properties over the last few years.  While we have had moderate success using our go-it-alone approach, we quickly ran out of funds for new deals, energy for doing all the rehab work ourselves, and ideas for how to grow the business beyond our own limited resources.

Using techniques taught by Cameron Dunlap (along with our persistence and a bit of luck), we were able to secure a bank-owned property that was valued at over $200,000 (after repair value based on recent comparable sales in the area) for only $50,000.  Within two days of the bank signing our contract to purchases the property, we had multiple offers from other investors to purchase the property from us and, ultimately, we were able to re-sell the property for $95,000- all without having to do any repairs to the property!  Our successful deal was made possible using techniques taught by Cameron Dunlap and his “Fast Cash With Foreclosures” summit and through our ongoing participation in his mentoring program.  Just as importantly, without the use of Cameron Dunlap’s transactional funding, we would never have been able to secure the funding for the property.  In short, Cameron Dunlap and his team provided the methods and the means to make this happen.

Cameron Dunlap and his team are true professionals and his program works! We’re living proof!  Thanks Cameron Dunlap- we can hardly wait for our next deal!



Ron & Julie P.

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