Student Shares Excitement About Attending the Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit in Chicago

Dear Cameron-

I LOVE your enthusiasm and I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU IN CHICAGO at the Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit- YOU, YOU, YOU are changing my life – and thank you for your honesty – I have been scared and left my full-time job and have two college tuition to pay for – and YOU are going to make my stress eating disappear because this is REALLY going to work.

I am truly grateful, truly psyched, and truly moved by your generosity of iFlip 1 and 2 and I need to learn how to use everything you present to us!! I wear your bracelet too – nice touch.

Anyways – when you pound your fist against the desk and say, “I am so excited for you guys,” I sure hope you can hear me yelling back, “Thank you, Cam – I am SO excited to have found you and I believe in you and your system, and so I believe in me and that this is real!!!”

My forever thanks,

Margie D.

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