Gaining A Loyal Student Through Excellent Staff!

I wanted to write you this morning and compliment you on your staff, especially Elly in the Client Support office.

A couple weeks ago, I got an offer accepted on a HUD property.  I hadn’t done a deal in almost two years, due to a flurry of life and financial crises.  Naturally, HUD wanted a “hard proof of funds” and my regular broker wanted 1/2 of 1% of the purchase amount to provide it.  On the last deal I had done, back in 2014, there were complications in the purchase including a break-in that extended the deal and forced me to pay for the hard funds twice.  The purchase price was higher this time, and I would need $600 to have it provided.

I wanted to find a cheaper way to get it done, so I began contacting all the POF providers I could find.  One of those was to your company.  A short time later, I got a reply from Elly saying that not only can your company help me, but she noticed that I had paid half the purchase price, $750, toward your No Fee Funding program back in 2014.  Her making that connection absolutely blows me away!

To make a long story short, it became a no-brainer to complete that payment with my very-limited funds.  The VOD was accepted without a hitch and Julia was super in helping me get the deal funded through you guys.

I held you in high regard as a teacher and entrepreneur, but the competence and friendly, professional courtesy of your staff, Elly in particular, has transformed me into a loyal client!

2016 is going to be a great year with your support; best of luck with all your other endeavors.  Kudo’s, again, to your excellent staff


Don C.

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