“If you love working for yourself you are in the right place”

First and foremost, Cameron’s support team is the best thats out there period! I have had many wasted hours, time, and money with other so called teachers.

i have been doing fix and flips since 1992. The data feeds that are provided with in his system are impressive to say the least. That being said remember that im no techie in any way shape or form, and even i have been knocking it out the park in my very rural community . Using the absentee owner data feed has given me the boost i needed to go full time to achieve my dreams and goals .

I know that my goals are with in my reach thanks to Cams team and the systems in place with his business management products. I personally would not have made it without this Blessing .I cant express enough gratitude to Cameron Dunlap for you commitments to our industry. without these commitments, i would still be stuck working a job i truly out grew many years ago! I retired at age 56 leaving many co workers scratching there head’s.

If you love working for yourself you are in the right place

-Michael P., Gillette, WY

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