Only 3 Weeks to Close Our First Deal!

Hi there Cameron Dunlap. ŠJust wanted you to know that my partner Sherry K. and I got a lead from from the unclaimed lead section and we turned it into a FSBO wholesale deal.

Sherry went to go meet the seller and she called me by phone told her to not go home until the contract was signed!

My first check is here and it started to change my life! $7,500 each for Sherry and IŠ.

Details are as follows:

Purchase Price was $33kŠ we took the existing loan subject to, as it was a private seller and we had a 45 day escrow.

ARV was $137k

We held an open house on a Saturday and broadcast the sale to our own buyer’s list. We had about 10 parties show up and the property sold for $4k over asking price at $53k.

It took us three weeks from start to finish and we did not do a double escrow Šrather we did an assignment of contract. This helped us avoid the double escrow fees. The original contract was written and/or assigns.

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your education and passion for the business and I enjoyed meeting you at the seminar in LA. We are working on getting our next one and look forward to working with you on many more deals.

By the way ŠI really love this stuff.

Best regards,
Jeffrey P.
Del Mar, CA

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