This is my first deal, and it’s already changing my life.

This is George, just writing to thank you and the whole team. I was finally able to close on the Double Escrow deal that I was working on. It took a little longer than expected, but I was able to pull it off. The end result was positive. I came on top; I made a profit, so that is always a good thing. My total profit that I made from this deal was $43,000. I actually made $45K profit, but I had a couple thousand in closing costs, so $43K went into my pocket. I guess that’s not bad for my first deal right? 

I am very thankful to Cameron for putting this service/funds for us beginners to use. If it wasn’t for these funds, I would’ve not been able to make this deal happen. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. 

Thanks again Cameron and your whole team of Rock Stars! I love you guys. You guys are the best!

With this profit that I made, I plan to pay off some debt, buy a few things for the family, and invest the rest. This unexpected money will help me and my family a lot. This is my first deal, and it’s already changing my life. I do plan to keep going and make a lot more deals like this one, and even bigger ones. I can’t thank you guys enough. 

– George F.

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