Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit in New Jersey

Dear Cameron Dunlap,
My husband and I were at your Vacant House and Foreclosure Summit this weekend in New Jersey. We’re here waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit within a few hours from now and didn’t want to run the risk of having no power for an indefinite amount of time without sending you a heartfelt thank you for providing the highest caliber professional and educational experience. The information you provided was so clear and presented in such a personable manner. Being a teacher for the last 28 years, this alone struck me as “real”. Your staff was ready, willing and able, and offered support in friendly and approachable ways. The invited guests were experts in their fields and presented with laser beam focus, expanding my thinking and possibilities. Equally important was the networking element. I made new contacts with colleagues from around the WORLD! This was a valuable springboard to start my new company and career. Lastly, as I mentioned to you yesterday, having won the HP laptop at the closing raffle was just icing on the cake. I left the conference with knowledge, connections, hardware, and most of all inspiration. Thank you again for a phenomenal experience!
Lourdes Armada

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